Friday the 12th of February I had the privilege to be a part of the prestigious Gouden Giraffe award ceremony as an official sponsor.

My friends at Fokker Terminal, the location where the award show was held, recommended me to Eventbranche, who organised the event.
They already had the great technical teams of Mansveld Expotech and AVEQ on board to create stunning audiovisual projections, but no partner to make the actual content and direct the award ceremony.
With only 2 weeks before the actual show!

The Gouden Giraffe is an award that is handed out annually to the event agency’s and bureaus, that have created the most beautiful and engaging events with the most impact in The Netherlands.

Based on some 3D-content my ex-intern Yoshi Klarenbeek already made for SIA congres, I designed a show fitting for the Gouden Giraffe award show, highlighting the Fokker Terminal‘s industrial decor.

With the addition of custom made industrial sound designs of David Kox, we were able to create a fully mapped, audiovisual show, which had the required impact to impress the hard-to-impress audience of top event managers.

The event was a great pleasure to work on and I feel privileged to have had the trust to play such an important role in the event.

Let me treat you on these beautiful photos of the event by Clickshots.

client: Eventbranche
release date: 2016
concept: Lotte Zuijdwijk (LotteZ Productions)
technical mapping: Lotte Zuijdwijk (LotteZ Productions)
projectors and technical hardware: Mansveld Expotech
2d animation: Lotte Zuijdwijk (LotteZ Productions)
3D animation: Yoshi Klarenbeek (intern at LotteZ Productions)
live control & show calling: Lotte Zuijdwijk (LotteZ Productions)
sound design: David Kox (KoxRamak)

Gouden Giraffe 12th of Feb 2016
Gouden Giraffe 12th of Feb 2016
Gouden Giraffe 12th of Feb 2016
Gouden Giraffe 12th of Feb 2016
Gouden Giraffe 12th of Feb 2016
Gouden Giraffe 12th of Feb 2016