big gigantic

Big Gigantic is an instrumental electronic, hip-hop, and jazz musical duo based out of Boulder, Colorado (USA) and are known as the pioneers of adding live saxophone to dance music.

Summer 2017 I was asked to create new show visuals for live act Big Gigantic.

Inspiration for this show were 60s psychedelic rock posters, textile print design and my hand drawn illustrations.

The creative freedom and the relaxed nature of the client made this a very fun project to work on!

Show Visuals ‘Brighter Future’ (2017) and ‘Got the Love’-tour (2018)

Client: Big Gigantic
Release date: summer 2017

Concept: Ben Dalgleish
Art Direction: LotteZ
Design: LotteZ
Print design: OddStyles
Animation: LotteZVeeMeeWendy Paulussen
3D design: Chok Wa Man