For US rockband Highly Suspected I was requested the create a series of show visuals for 3 of their songs.
They had a very specific deadline: their performace at Coachella 2018 a week later!

Concept & art direction: Ben Dalgleish
Animation & design: Lotte Zuijdwijk (LotteZ Productions)
Release date: spring 2018

Song: Lydia – Highly Suspect
Ben’s concept for this song was a topview of sharks circling, which is based on a part of the lyrics of the song:

‘Black ocean, cold and dark / I am the hungry shark, fast and merciless / But the only girl that could talk to him just couldn’t swim / Tell me what’s worse than this’

Song: Serotonia – Highly Suspect
For this song I was asked to create palmtree visuals with a feel for Miami in the 70.

Song: Viper Strike – Highly Suspect
This song is a song against president Trump’s ideas, actions and comments in the media.
Together with Ben the art director, I have tried to create a visual protest, that was fitting to the song, that was suitable for a public rock concert, with large media coverage, like Coachella.