Client GABworks asked me again to create theĀ teaser, show visuals and award ceremony for 2014’s SIA congres.
SIA (Stichting Innovatie Alliantie) is an organisation that connects HBO educatiun institutes with the workfield to stimulate synergy andĀ innovation.
For this project I got assistance of Michelle van Mil.
She replaced me during my maternity leave and was responsible for production during the congres day and most of the live show of the award ceremony.

SIA RAAK Award ceremony 2014;
An interaction between dance and projection.

Client: Gabworks
Concept & art direction: LotteZ
Animation & live production: VeeMee visuals
Dancers: Anne Roth & Lara Pigmans

The teaser video, which got sent to along with the invitations.

Client: Gabworks
Concept & art direction: LotteZ
Montage: Yoshi Klarenbeek (intern at LotteZ.)