During the cold war American F15’s took off daily at military air base Soesterberg.
Locals referred to the thundering sounds of these planes as the ‘Sound of Freedom’. On the International Day of Peace (21st of Sept 2013) the Vrede van Utrecht closes the year with Sound of Freedom; a concert in honour of peace and freedom.
But also in honour of the treaty of peace that was signed in Utrecht exactly 300 years ago.

For this event I was asked to create historical and narrative visual layer for the big LED wall to be mixed with the live concert registration.
This visual layer was important because it explained the context of the songs, our dutch history with war and peace and relation with war and peace in other parts of the world, in history and in present times.

Client: Engage!TV and Vrede van Utrecht

Date: sept 2013

Zie hier de rechtstreekse registratie van het avondprogramma van het eindevenement van de Vrede van Utrecht op het terrein van de voormalige luchthaven in Soesterberg met o.a. Oleta Adams, Wende Snijders, Douwe Bob, Karsu Donmetz o.l.v. het Metropole Orkest.